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Oracle PeopleSoft HCM

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise core HCM solution is a robust HR Talent Management, Payroll and Benefits set of applications that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, providing a strong foundation for organizational growth, cost reduction/savings, and improved productivity and performance. Oracle’s core HCM capabilities combined with country-specific capabilities and international data formats enable regional operations and compliance while using a single system of record for reporting, maintenance and lower TCO. These solutions enable you to:

  • Manage business systems globally with a common data model and multinational data formats
  • Drive compliant business processes through integrated processes and rules based engines
  • Deploy country-specific capabilities with delivered local extensions
  • Ensure legislative compliance and data privacy

PeopleSoft HCM is built on state-of-the-art technologies., includes the following functionality-rich modules:

Human Resource

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, enabling you to securely access your employee information and manage essential HR functions effectively.

Global Payroll

Global Payroll is a rules-based product. All payroll processes, calculations, and results are determined by a set of rules that you can easily build. You can reuse the rules throughout the application to save time and space.

Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration build and manage a comprehensive employee benefit solution, automates benefits enrolment and maintenance.

Pension Administration

Pension Administration streamlines pension functions including data storage, individual and group benefit calculations, service purchases, buy-backs and preparation of pension benefit statements.

Absence Management

Absence Management provides a superior ownership experience by delivering a highly configurable and integrated solution for all of the global absence management needs.

Resource Management

PeopleSoft Resource Management provides complete visibility into your people—from workforce profiling to resource scheduling and usage analysis.

Time and Labour

Time and Labour application is a flexible, integrated solution that gives organizations the intelligence and power in a single repository to determine key performance indicators that are impacted by time related data. It is designed to support the time-related needs of a wide range of business functions including payroll, financial and cost accounting, project management, employee benefits, and organizational administration across industries

Travel & Expense Management

Oracle’s PeopleSoft travel and expense management solution streamlines and automates travel spend management and establishes policy-driven controls for expense reimbursement.

Activity Based Management

PeopleSoft Activity-Based Management goes beyond traditional accounting methods to deliver business intelligence that supports strategic and operational decision-making. It traces overhead costs based on the cause and effect of business activities to provide you with the real costs of business processes.


eCompensation provide administrators the tools to administer Salary, Cash, and Non-Cash plans that strategically spend compensation dollars and drive performance.


ePerformance is an integrated solution designed to enable Talent Management best practices that will foster employee engagement, provide strategic workforce insight and help you achieve critical organizational objectives – in a clear, yet flexible process.


eDevelopment supports the personal and professional development of your employees. Leveraging the new Profile Management functionality, employees now have a single place to identify and track their career aspirations and accomplishments.

Recruiting Solution

Recruiting Solutions is comprised of two complimentary applications that work in conjunction to address enterprise recruiting challenges. Candidate Gateway lets you brand your business or division to attract best-fit candidates and gives internal as well as external applicants the tools they need to find the right job. Talent Acquisition Manager extends recruiting beyond the enterprise with comprehensive functionality, deep supplier integration, underlying global architecture, and tight integration with a world-class Human Resources system

Succession Planning

Succession Planning enables managers to develop and maintain succession plans for individual jobs, employees and positions as well as track and manage employees in pre-defined talent pools.

Enterprise Learning Management

Enterprise Learning Management is the integrated application that increases workforce knowledge, skills, and abilities to help organization achieve critical objectives.

Incentive Compensation

Incentive compensation application that automates the design, administration, and analysis of incentive-based compensation programs for employees and partners to successfully drive corporate goals.