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Oracle PeopleSoft Financial Management

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financial Management reduces costs by automating, centralizing, and standardizing global transactional processes. Manage risk and reduce compliance costs with end-to-end processes for governance, risk, and compliance. Make the right investments in the business with integrated performance management and business intelligence.

By adopting PeopleSoft financial management solutions, organizations can

  • Increase productivity and lower transaction-processing costs
  • Gain visibility into business-critical information
  • Strengthen financial discipline and implement governance best practices
  • Meet multiple reporting and regulatory requirements

Oracle PeopleSoft Financial Management Modules:

Peoplesoft asset lifecycle management

Peoplesoft asset lifecycle management break down data silos and integrate the planning, acquisition, operation, maintenance, and renewal of an organization’s asset base. By taking advantage of these applications, companies can capture asset costs, and capitalize, retire, and transfer assets across the organization.

Peoplesoft Payables

PeopleSoft Payables streamlines accounts payable operations by providing the flexibility and responsiveness required to maintain good supplier relationships. Automated discount calculations that comply with suppliers’ individual terms ensure rapid and accurate payments and efficient cash management.

Peoplesoft Receivables

PeopleSoft Receivables handle customer invoices more efficiently, streamline invoice processing, and resolve credit and collection issues rapidly. Organization can track, analyze, and manage payments and deductions so that always have an accurate view of customer balances and credit histories. In addition, organization can predict future cash flow with precision, minimizing the risk of unexpected shortfalls and maximizing opportunities to use excess cash.

Peoplesoft Treasury

PeopleSoft Treasury provides real-time cash positions, automates bank statement reconciliation, facilitates template-driven secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) entry, manages in-house banks, and reduces costs with comparative fee analysis. It also manages your portfolio, investments, debts, foreign exchange, and derivatives while providing attachment support, approval routing, and seamless integration with PeopleSoft General Ledger. PeopleSoft Treasury also serves as a central payment hub, supporting straight-through payment processing with direct communication between banks, financial institutions, and corporations.