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Our people come from different social and cultural convictions. In the work environment, these attributes manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways. Given that we have defined a set of norms and values which guide the way we work. We harness these social attributes and infuse into KEDA core values which we firmly believe will shape the culture and define the character of the company. They are:

Core Values


  • We always try to do the “right” thing and deliver unparalleled value and innovative business solutions to ensure client success.


  • We work closely together with our clients as one unit to achieve common goals for the betterment of all the stakeholders. We keep the talk simple so that we can work effectively. Our professional and uncomplicated manner helps us to successfully engage and produces better results.


  • We are an innovative and resourceful organization. We are committed to excellence. With our flat organizational structure, we can act fast and deliver quality quickly and efficiently.


  • We have a culture that is based on trust and tolerance. We respect our people and treat them as we want to be treated. We recognize our diversity and appreciate the strength of each individual. We have created an environment that foster cohesion and collaboration.


  • We answer not just to the management, but also to our peers, subordinates and clients. We take ownership and accept responsibility for the quality of our work.