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Consulting Services Overview

End User Experience

– Create a consistent employee experience (how, where and when employees access HR process)
– Enable employee and manager to conduct as many activities via self-service, as possible

Governance & Structure

– 80/20 rule – design process for the 80% – not the exception
– Empowerment – ensure approval and notifications are required at the appropriate level (i.e., minimise HR involvement where possible)

Degree of Standardisation

– Streamline and standardise processes as much as possible (e.g., across functions and business units); deviations to standard process allowed for:
– Country specific regulatory requirements, or
– Enablement of competitive business advantage

Roles & Responsibilities

– Define roles and responsibilities of HR and Line Managers


– Leverage technology to execute process, wherever possible
– Maximise the use of intuitive employee and manager self-service
– Simplify and integrate technologies for seamless information flow